Mental Health is a critical issue in today’s health world. Mental Health is not something readily discussed in India. According to us the term Mental-Health in India is misunderstood as Mentally-Unstable. Depression is one of the most neglected problems in India. The only cure for depression and anxiousness is that we get to talk to people who can motivate us. Thus we have come up with an Idea of a Mental Health Chatbot that can be used for curing Depression.

What it does

Chirag is a mental health conversational chatbot with which you can talk in order to talk out about your stressed life. The chatbot responds to you and tries to to comfort you and talk you out of stress.

How we built it

The Chatbot is build using Google-Dialogflow. The Website on which the Chatbot is hosted is made with HTML Css and Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

There are quite a few challanges that we faced :

  1. There is no such data available for a mental health "conversational" chatbot.
  2. There are no such conversational chatbots for mental health made in India.
  3. We surfed a lot on net and got some scenarios of some conversations between a depressed(and stressed) patients and their Counsellors. We tried to incorporate those in our chatbot.
  4. Soothing UI that can comfort Stressed patients

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We built the chatbot that is able to comfort people who are stressed due to some reasons( Now only 2 1.Failure in Examinations 2.Bullied in school or college)

What we learned

  1. How to make a Chatbot using Google dialogflow
  2. We learnt a bit about Cognitive Behavioural therapy.
  3. Learnt that beautiful Sceneries can comfort a stressed mind ( Sceneries we added to UI)

What's next for Chirag - The Mental Health Chatbot

  1. We will make our chatbot available on mobile app.
  2. Research is main part of our project; It is never ending. This will help us in expanding our corpus.
  3. Patenting our project and becoming the first Indian mental-health chatbot officially

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