ChiProtego is an app that allows parents to track their children while granting freedoms.


As a team, we have came across many accounts of children getting affected by crime when walking alone in the city. With modern GPS technology, it seemed bizarre to us that effective precaution wasn't prevalently in use. We sought a solution.

What it does

Our application has two components: a web application and iOS application. The iOS application serves as a locator beacon which helps pinpoint crimes in the area, notifies emergency contacts once in a crime prone zone and subsequently streams location updates to the parental desktop app. The web application serves as a parent portal where a parent can access a map to view their child's last known locations, gain access to the last-known location of the child, see heat maps showing the crime rate intensity in locations around them, and send emergency notifications.

How we built it

We used Comcast's EveryBlock API in order to locate crime data points. Using machine learning, we draw crime-prone zones on the map based on the severity of the crime, allowing parents to track danger zones within the city.

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