CNY Entertainment

What it does

Provides a way for user to have fun playing small games with relatives without the use of physical chips, making it very safe during this COVID period, where we would want to minimize contact :)

How I built it

Through flutter and firebase

Challenges I ran into

This is our 1st Hackathon and we only learned Flutter and Firebase during the Hackathon itself, hence we were learning as we go, which took up valuable time. We were also constantly stuck with our code as the we were unfamiliar with the syntax and documentation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

managing to learn something today and actually make a working (sort of) prototype

What I learned

we have learned various aspects of app development and how to use a cloud database to implement our ideas of an interactive app.

What's next for chipchip

implementing functionality, adding options for different games. making something that actually worked like how it does our minds! Hopefully, chipchip will become as big and good as some chipsmore!!

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