The evolution of AI and how it can be applied to reduce inequity in our communities, problems such detecting fake from real, object detection, Natural Language Processing.

What it does

We bring business together in one portal and connect them with the right customers. We use object detection to allow users search for specific product design and patterns with are up until now challenging to do online, and then connect them with the right sellers. We use messenger bot to allow users search for specific products or ask basic questions without leaving the messenger app

How we built it

The platform has a python backend built with django and also a frontend with HTML and CSS. But we also built an ionic Framework interface to be deployed on as a mobile app. This ionic Framework uses Facebook’s GraphQL for communicating with the Django web service.

Our communities use fabric wears as clothing which are in most cases challenging to find the authentic type and design, so we build an image search using React JS as interface and an object detection backend with a model trained on Facebook’s Detectron. We also wanted to transform search and customer support, so we built a chatbot using Facebook Messenger’s platform API coupled with

Challenges we ran into

It was very difficult to configure Facebook's Detectron. Working with Apollo and Ionic was a bit tricky because it was our first time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to train a model on object detection, we wear able to register 76 businesses and over 240 users on our waiting list even before we launch. We finally get to translate the app which create huge attraction in our local community in which most do not understand English.

What we learned

We learned about training Machine learning models in the cloud, we learned about using GraphQL with Angular and React JS. We learned about why different business are reluctant to digitize/automate their operations.

What's next for Chiniki

We will complete the application, ship it to users and launch. we will keep connecting business and one of our main services will be to bridge the gap between existing businesses and the digital world by giving these businesses services such digital marketing, branding and simplifying sophisticated technologies in a way they can consume and grow their business.

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