I wanted to make a tool to assist me and other Mandarin learners in learning how to read Mandarin characters, and how Mandarin words correspond to English words. I knew of an already-existing tool called The Chairman's Bao, and some features from there I included in this project because I liked them so much. Some of the challenges we ran into included the problem of properly figuring out how to translate the characters into English. Due to the way the characters are placed, and the fact that our translating software had to be able to handle any type of sentence we put into it, we had to rework the coding software to figure out what the words were before translating them. A group member compared the challenge to translating English sentences, but without the spaces. Therefore, we had to figure out what word would best match with the next characters we were checking in the text. Solving the problem above is what we as a group are most proud of, as it was a major obstacle that took some time to overcome. Some other accomplishments that we are proud of were coming up with the idea. Coming up with a translator that works word by word, without conjugating anything, was a pretty cool and uncommon idea that proved unexpectedly effective. We learned as a group how to properly code a website, how Mandarin characters correspond to the English language, and how to overcome the challenges associated with translating from one language to another. What is next for us in our plans is to extend the software's knowledge of characters to include as much as possible. Also, we can always check for grammar mistakes and correct those. We may want to create a function that translates the entire sentence, instead of each word, so we can see how each word fits into the sentence.

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