This is a personal project. Made this to help me with my grammar usage for Chinese compositions for my Mandarin class, thought it would be helpful in the future. Not actually a completed project, still in the works, no need for judging this.

What it does

What its supposed to do: attempts to read Chinese documents and then will check the document for grammar structures. If it finds grammar structures, it will tell the user where the Chinese grammar structures are, and how those structures should be properly used. Essentially, since Chinese grammar is pretty standard and there's no conjugation of words, this program would be a check to make sure the user writes Chinese in a grammatically correct way.

How I built it

Basic c++ functions

Challenges I ran into

I ran into some issues with splicing the strings up. Written Chinese does not have spaces, so string matching is a bit tricky. Essentially, when I'm trying to search for a string within the string, C++ doesn't recognize that there are individual characters within the string that I'm searching for, but instead just reads the entire string up until the net space. I may have to use unicode, as it also seems that there may some encoding issues. This is the portion I'm still working on and why this project is complete. I'm also still working on the final formatting of the printing portion of this project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

If the file has spaces, it is able to read in grammar structures and tell the user how to use those structures. (However the likeliness that a Chinese file will have spaces between each grammar structure is 0.000001%...a pretty impractical usage of the program, but at least it reads in something!)

What I learned

Many ways on how to find strings within a string—but none that can find a string within a string with no spaces. :(

What's next for Chinese Grammar Structure Checker

Getting it to work (so I can get better grades on Chinese essays)

Built With

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