Child mortality may have a positive correlation with other factors

What it does

Visualize data for each province in Indonesia bound with data

How I built it

  • We gather data from Hackgov team, and other supporting data from mainly from
  • We cleaned and prepared the data
  • We created three parts of visualization: map, parallel coordinate, bar chart. Map is to see how the data spread across the region. Parallel coordinate is to show a lot of variables that may contribute to child mortality. Bar chart to see specifically how each variable compare to child mortality

Challenges I ran into

  • Data is not consistent, especially from different sources
  • Filtering didn't work due to the difficulties to connect one visualization with another

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Interactive elements
  • Multidimensional data

What I learned

  • Showing large dimension of data is complicated
  • We still need to show a story of the data

What's next for ForKidsBySimpleo

  • More filtering
  • Connection between each visualization. i.e when you click on the map it shall change too with the parallel coordinate and the bar chart

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