In 2016, almost 1 out of 10 female Syrian refugees emigrating to Europe were pregnant. Many of these mothers-to-be were fleeing war, leaving their families, a familiar language, and everything they know in the process. Being a new mother is hard enough without completely unrooting your life. Being a refugee increases the level of difficulty tenfold. According to the World Health Organization, 23% of women carry diseases that are a direct result of pregnancy and childbirth. Refugee women are especially vulnerable to bearing children at a young age due to a lack of reliable healthcare and medical education due to displacement. They also face problems of isolation due to being unable to speak the language

Enter Mama

Mama works by bridging the gap between trained volunteers and young refugee mothers through a simple text. Young mothers with questions text the platform using SMS and are subsequently routed to appropriate volunteers and professionals based on the type of ailment reported and the age of child. Recommendations are sent back within hours, supplying young women with the education needed to live a healthy life, raise healthy children, and contribute to their surrounding communities. Meanwhile, prospective volunteers with access to WiFi can register to become trained Mama members, allowing global citizens to remotely impact burgeoning communities through the power of technology.

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