PROBLEM STATEMENT: In many developing countries, girls and women end up in early marriages, drop out of school or become pregnant before 18. This jeopardizes their future and the nations. These women feel weak and powerless with no immediate role models to look up to. They believe it is impossible to dream big and end up in situation that prevent them from moving forward.

SOLUTION OVERVIEW: Our solution provides a platform to inspire, motivate and connect young women to local and international mentors. This will prevent issues with weakness, sexual assault and will promote justice and education.

AUDIENCE: This application will target women 16 and above in developing countries who need a safe place to connect and a way to build real relationships to women leaders within the community.

WHY IS THIS SOLUTION UNIQUE? This solution is unique because it will be based on solid user-friendly foundation in developing-country accessible technology (web/SMS/video chat) in order to build a community of women leaders in the real world (via identity verification, community spaces by partnerships with schools/companies, scheduling and program direction) .

HOW IT WORKS? 1) We carefully interview and select mentors who are leaders and professionals in the community.

2) Each mentor carefully interviews and selects their team of six women. Groups will meet virtually, through our platform and 3rd party communication tools, as well as locally to allow for a flexible group-directed experience.

3) Each team decides on a specific project to pursue, communication channels to use and bi-weekly schedule to guide their progress.

4) Project updates are submitted every 2 weeks which will include attendance and project updates.

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