Back in 2014, we read an article how Twitter came to rescue of a girl on an Indian train. The girl had tweeted about 3 men on her coach who were drinking and eve teasing her. By the time the train reached next station a huge group of men who were following the story closely on Twitter came to her rescue. (News article : In many developing countries the response time for Police can be over an hour. We wanted to create a platform which could crowd source the help force.

How it works

Our app is for teenagers who are being bullied or women who are being physically or sexually assaulted. The user can trigger the emergency button by clicking on the app icon or shouting ("Help!" or "Don't touch me" etc). The screen turns black but in the background, SMS is sent to her emergency contact and message which includes location and link to live stream her camera feed is tweeted.

The app allows people to join and spread the message of "Chime". The user is rewarded with a badge which shows his Chime registration number (eg : You are #12th Chimer in San Francisco) which they can proudly share on their social networks. The map shows anonymous pins of the growing community of Chimers.

Challenges I ran into

The live streaming of audio/video seamlessly probably took longer than we had anticipated :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that the app can invoked if the user cries out for help. Since, some women carry their phones in their purses this functionality could be extremely useful to them when they most need it.

What I learned

During our research prior to building the app, it dawned on us that we are at an inflection point where fellow humans regardless of gender, race or economic status are willing to courageously come forward to help. The way those selfless men helped that little girl on the train in India.

We also had a lot of fun building this app with every intent to help citizens across the globe.

What's next for Chime In

We strongly believe that the app we designed is extremely useful and could help protect many people from becoming victims of physical abuse. We are looking forward to launch this app in both the Android and IOS stores soon.

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