Brief 📝

🧠 Inspiration

Previously one of our team members submitted a solo project called ChillZone to a hackathon a few weeks. As a team, we were inspired by our daily lives especially with exams soon approaching, we noticed a decline in mental health both with us and with our peers. Hence, why we decided to upgrade ChillZone to help students deal with the pressure they face and improve their exam stress-focused mental health.

🖥️ What it does

ChillZone is a web-based application that lets users to select how they feel which allows them to be redirected to a site that takes these feelings and sustains them if they are positive. If they are negative, then these feelings are addressed and reduced accordingly. All of this is done via features that include soothing sound, video, and music.

In addition to this, we have improved the home page from what it previously was to a more user-friendly setup. We have also added a resource page to recommend videos and articles to help with exam stress and a learning page for adults and teachers to understand the pressure we as students feel during our examination periods.

👷 How we built it

We used Figma to create our prototype of the additional features we wanted to add. We used HTML and CSS to design the front end part and used JavaScript to make our project functional.

Our Key Takeaways ⬇️

Challenges we ran into 😤

  1. Timezones were a challenge as there were only 2 of us and we found that our daytime hours did not coincide well

  2. It was also someones first time using GitHub to create a website so it was a challenge for them to navigate how to use it and accept collaboration and modification requests.

  3. Within the short time it was hard to think about additional features we would add to the project.

💪 Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We are happy to have made a cool project that we see ourselves using now and sharing with our friends to see how it improves their mood on a daily basis.

  2. We like the UI/UX and think it suits the age category very well

  3. Exam Timetable Feature

What we learned 🤓

  1. We learned how to communicate and work together effectively.

  2. How to manage time well and distribute tasks well.

  3. The basics of GitHub

Try it out! 🚀

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🤷‍♂️ What will ChillZone 3.0 look like?

Next up, we would like to have an AI face detection feature that instead of making users enter their mood, the algorithm will sense their mood for them and redirect them to the appropriate page.

It will also be fun to integrate it into an app so that we can send notifications to keep users calm as well as make it more accessible unlike a website.

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