Popcorntime the popular streaming service used Nodejs to stream torrents to different device but required a native app. The death of the app cause most of the source code being lost. It was a disappointment as it was a revolutionary for JS enthusiasts

What it does

Chillflix lets you search (the popular torrent site) and lets you stream those videos to any supported device. Along with that it provides you an anonymous chat to talk with anonymous peers connected.

How I built it

Using Nodejs and webtorrent I was able to have the server stream and download torrents locally which makes it possible to stream to different devices at the same time. Using Firebase I built the chat to make it real time and scalable.

Challenges I ran into and angular-socket clashing. Initially I wanted to use sockets to have temporary chat but due to issues with chat I chose to use firebase.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Streaming torrents using JS

What I learned

Don't make it pretty during hackathons :)

What's next for Chillflix

Probably law suits??

Built With

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