The three of us are really into art & music, so for our project we decided to cross a music visualizer with environment art :) We took the lofi hip-hop radio girl everyone knows from YouTube and reimagined her 2D cover art as a 3D space, but with a "dark mode" kind of feel to it. Then we composed an original song after watching the "generative music" workshop, and hooked it up to a script that samples audio in real-time and returns the different frequencies. Different parts of her room are synced to move/light up to the bass, midrange, high notes, etc.

What it does

See music move in 3D with the lofi girl in her bedroom! Leave it running on one of your monitors if you have a dual setup, or just use it as a screensaver. Feel free to chill :)

How we built it

We composed the music using Orca with Sonic Pi, modeled the room in Blender (with animations from Mixamo), coded the music reactivity in C#, and used Unity to bring it all together. This playlist helped us get started on basic audio visualization, then we expanded on the knowledge to fulfill our original idea.

Challenges we ran into

  • Opposite time zones!
  • We had to manually add black borders around every video, or else they'd stretch endlessly across the room and look super weird.
  • The video player (projector) stutters when playback speed is updated during runtime :/

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • 3D modeling nearly the entire room in such a short amount of time
  • Working with audio data and video in Unity for the 1st time
  • Composing a song with Sonic Pi for the 1st time (lots of firsts)
  • Programming real-time audio reactivity?!?! (None of this is choreographed or pre-processed – it all happens live)

We executed our concept even better than we could've imagined :')

What's next?

  • Making this live on the web, so anyone can use it without downloading it
  • Enabling microphone input – that way you can use it with Spotify, YouTube, or even a live performance
  • Adding more audio reactive lights!


Desk Chair by leonvdberg

Lofi Girl (Unfinished) by mariuz_yaphets

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