Stress plays a major role in reducing student performance amongst the many fields in his/her life. We wanted to target that college-induced stress and introduce ways to reduce it in a simple and easy manner.

What it does

Chill Out offers quick, simple services to reduce stress such as breathing exercises, mindful exercises, and other stress-reducing techniques. It is also meant to offer local services particular to the college student such as offering nearby locations that have events that could reduce stress ("Therapy Dogs in the Bizz" or "Walk down this park and think about the positives in life" etc). This interactive feature could be a game-changer in enabling stressed college students to access unorthodox stress-reducing activities.

How we built it

We built the app upon three platforms:

  • iOS : xcode + swift
  • Android : Android Studio + Java
  • Web : HTML5/CSS3/Bootstrap

Challenges we ran into

  • Many challenges spawned due to the fact that we were very new to these technologies (xcode, Android Studio) so we had to adapt to a multitude of problems. Setting things up on Macs and PCs, pushing everything with ease through GitHub, micro-difficulties with the programs we used, etc. These small challenges were expected, and we learned from these difficulties and mistakes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Making something! This is our first hackathon so it's fulfilling to have made something that, although is just a prototype, could be something useful to people if implemented with dedication.

What we learned

  • Technical Skills : Learning new programs, developing in a group setting (as opposed to making something by ourselves)
  • Teamwork Skills : Getting together with a random group of people and utilizing our leadership skills and teamwork to create something useful for humanity (in this case, college students with stress).
  • Hackathon Skills : With the limited time given to create this, we managed to use time-management to space time out evenly to make sure we weren't behind (or, to some benefit, ahead).

What's next for Chill Out App

  • Now is just a matter of implementing everything we deem necessary for this app and figuring out its potential release!
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