We wanted to create a platform that has a variety of resources for mental health coping. As high schoolers we know how stress can impact your day and so we wanted to fix that. We compiled everything we knew that helps with relaxation and stress relieving, and placed it all in our website. Many other websites only have a few of these resources, so we combined them all and added activities of our own, such as a journal, a quiz, and progress tracking to boost your mental health.

What it does

Chill has six primary things to do. You can fill out this questionnaire asking about how your day has gone, and get tailored results that recommend activities to help you relax. We also have programs that give you a variety of programs to destress. Chill's Programs provides you with activities that include yoga, meditation, and relaxing music that are proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Additionally, there is a journal page where you can write down your feelings and archive your thoughts. Or, you can simply delete it. Not only is this a great way to keep track of your improvement over time, but it's an easy way to keep all your thoughts in one place. Chill also allows logs how you are feeling and compiles it in a graph. This will make sure you'll be able to see your progress and find help if needed. We also have an option called Connect, where you fill out a questionnaire and we match you with someone to talk to. This forms bonds between people that reduce social isolation. On top of all of this, Chill includes activities that will help you maintain a state of calm.

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS, and SCSS to create this website, and we used javascript to add functionality.

Challenges we ran into

Time was one of our main challenges, because we had many webpages to complete. We are also not very familiar with some aspects of coding, so creating this website was a challenge. Additionally, trying to share the code and work on it together while saving changes on both computers proved to be much harder than we expected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of creating this complex and functional website with our minimal coding experience. We are also proud of the website’s design and functionality, because although it was a challenge, we were able to complete this and make it look great!

What we learned

We learned much more about javascript and SCSS. We have never created a website like this before, so styling it and adding the functional elements taught us a lot.

What's next for Chill

Our program is based off of us updating it to provide viewers new experiences and connecting others. We plan to create a program that does this for us. We would also like to add new elements to this website, such as a page that can recommend things to do based on the user’s location.

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