Our inspiration was the honest regret of showing up to a freezing class without a jacket.

What it does

Our advanced sensor system is a proof of concept that temperature sensing can be streamed in real time across the entire building so you can be prepared for school.

How we built it

We used a domain from and hosted it on AWS. From there we integrated it with a Raspberry Pi 2 using a few Python codes along with an AWS API. The Raspberry Pi sends live temperature data to our website which allows students to know what to expect when they walk into the classroom.

Challenges we ran into

Learning AWS was a real challenge at first and the domain took a while to get up and running. Programming the Raspberry Pi wasn't a piece of cake either.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working with Amazon web-service was a challenge but was very rewarding in the end. AWS's API for Raspberry PI came in handy when integrating the sensor and sending information from the Pi to our domain. It was a lot of work and a lot of headaches but we're very proud of our results. We have very little experience with websites and it was definitely a difficult task.

What we learned

We learned a ton of stuff about AWS , including how to set up a domain, and a lot of cool things on python that we didn't know before. WE are very pleased that we were able to over come all the obstacles that got in our way and finish the project.

What's next for ChiliCATS

We hope to expand this idea and have it implemented in every classroom at Florida Polytechnic. That way students can always be prepared for those frigid classrooms.

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