We were inspired to make this educational, musical composition game by the need for virtual learning aid now more than ever. Another large inspiration for this website was the coding software/game Scratch. Similar to scratch, Lil’ Play and Music Making allows users to drag and add different components to their own composition.


Lil’ Play and Music Making allows users to start creating their own music. They can choose from various pre-recorded melodies and beat, or upload their own recordings. Users can create their profile with just a username and password. Then, from the music they created, they can save it into different playlists of their choice. Moreover, users can add their favourite songs into their favourites list, so they can easily listen to their top choices. Creating and listening to music by yourself is boring. Therefore, Lil’ Play and Music Making has a unique feature that allows artists to share their music. If they like other artists’ music, they can save it to their own favourites’ list and listen to it all day. It’s a great platform to not only make your own music but also share and hear from many other creative people as well!


Our website seeks to provide children a way to express themselves musically without needing any musical knowledge. We want to allow children to create a piece of music they can call their own with the prewritten resource we provide. If the child is reaching the limits of what our pre-recorded samples can create, they have the option to upload their own recordings, making the creative possibilities and application endless.

What's next for Children’s composition game

With the Lil’ play and music maker website we hope to make music accessible to all and boost the creativity of the youngest generation.

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