There have been many bots and programs that provide visual, audio and notification clues so as to trigger emotional responses to support positive and negative re-inforcement of good behaviours. Example a smily face when you have completed a jog or red indicators if you haven't completed scheduled tasks.

What it does

Allows parents to set the childs schedule.Chores, studying and hygiene Provide reminders to encourage children to complete schedule Provide positive re-enforcement when child completes task Sends notifications to parents to make purchases to support positive reineforcement Notifies parents when tasks are overdue, initiates phone call, facebook chat

How I built it

Complete integration with Task Management Platforms i.e. to-do-ist, Learning Platforms, Social Network Aggregators and Analysis Software.

Challenges I ran into

Free adaptive learning platforms dont come with content, so i have to link it to free online content.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The ability to take a lesson plan, use machine learning to identify free videos on youtube.

What I learned

Testing it with busy parent is hard, you really need to find them when they have free time.

What's next for Child Personal Assistant

Allows parents to indicate beliefs and principles - chrisitan, creationism Links to childs social networks, monitors for language, appropriate conversation, check for principles Notifies parents to allow them to intercede and provide guidance

Studies childs network and develop map of their interests and their firends interest suggests topics for conversation,

ingests school curriculum integrate with learning platforms allows child to take tests provide bot interface to assess weaknesses and retrieve learning plans to remove weaknesses provide positive re-ineforcement

Built With

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