Child Crisis Arizona receives a smorgasbord of donation items, from diapers to medicines, to its centers in Arizona. They keep track of which of these have been used up by children in need or shipped to other centers, manually with spreadsheets. As part of Opportunity Hack '16, our team sought out to ease this process by developing a web app & QR code mobile app, which the employees at Crisis Centre could use to manage their stock.

What it does

The web application we developed gives an overview of the current stocks of categories of donations. It alerts the admin and concerned employees when the stock level for a category of items (diapers for example) goes below a threshold value. It also has a tab where employees can add/modify the stock for a particular item. The categories of items, threshold stock values,etc. are all customizable by the admin. We also built an iOS app with an inbuilt QR code scanner, using which employees can simply scan a donation item to add/update it in the main database.

How I built it

  • We used MySQL to set up the main database & hosted it on an AWS server, with the backend written in C#.
  • The front-end was written using HTML, CSS and Razor.
  • The mobile app used the standard native iOS-SDK, along with integration with a third party open-source library (QRCodeReaderViewController) to scan QR codes.

Challenges I ran into

  • We did face some issues with the initial setup of the project, since not everyone was familiar with the technology stack.
  • Time management was also a big challenge, as we had to implement a large number of features in less than 30 hours.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • We came up with a working product with a complex set of requirements in less than 30 hours.
  • We came together as a team and pooled our skills to come up with a viable solution, despite most of us never having met each other before the hackathon.
  • Our product can significantly ease the donation management for Child Crisis Arizona, an NGO who's cause we identified with.

What I learned

  • Back end and front end web development using HTML, CSS, C#.
  • MySQL, iOS Development
  • Take a pillow with you to hackathons :)

What's next

  • The application & database needs to be migrated to and hosted on a server accessible to Child Crisis.
  • Integration with Child Crisis Arizona's existing user accounts for security would need to be looked into.
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