This application is required for Samsung Galaxy gear 2 series.

Child Control can connect Samsung gear 2 series and it can control smart phone lock-in, Wifi & data network control and it indicates the presence of On / Off.

Child Control is provided User Interface & functions to can On / Off control easily depending on user choice, and it can control smart phone everywhere and whenever.

1.  Checking On / Off for Smart phone lock in, Wifi and data network.
2.  Lock in your smart phone with Galaxy Gear 2
3.  Control the On / Off for Wifi and data network.
4.  Provide information and using time for current applications.

When kids are using parents smart phone, parents can check information for current using application, and they can control excessive use of Wifi & data network, also can control smart phone using time through smart phone lock in function.

It should be set to the following conditions to use this application. 1. Gear 2 and smart phone should be connected through the Gear Manager. 2. Complete to select “incoming call” in notification menu of the smart phone gear manager. 3. Release to select “auto lock” in set up menu of the smart phone geae manager

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