We used most of our time trying to build an app with React-native. Seeing that none of us have ever used it before, it is not surprising that we failed. In the face of defeat, and the threat of withdrawal by Aniruddha, our fearless leader Yash suggested we come up with the answer to the question that no man has answered before! And thus was born ChickenOrEggFeatHubble. Born under darkness, sleep deprivation, and a feeling of defeat, CoEfH rose like a phoenix from the ashes and gave a mighty ca-caaww!

What it does

What does it not do? It first hits the NASA APOD API to pull URLs for the first 1000 pictures. Then, it uses a picture analysing API to find the average value of each pixel. It averages this value out over all 1000 pictures to end up with a single number. This number is somewhere between 0-255. If it is less than 128, it is closer to zero, so we assign the number 0 to a variable. Else we assign 1. Of course, we don't just use a simple comparison for this. We built an API hosted on Azure that we can call upon to tell us the answer. Our algorithms professor would be proud of this divide and conquer strategy. This binary classification was needed to decide whether we should filter eggs first and then chickens or the other way around for the next step where we read a live stream of tweets. We graph the number of times chickens and eggs are mentioned in real time (extremely accurate real time - we hit the atomic clock APIs!) and use this graph to figure out which one of the two came last. Of course, the one who came last couldn't have come first, and so we have answered which came first!

How we built it

At this point, I'm not entirely sure

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finally figured out how to deploy on azure! Also using space APIs was pretty cool.

What we learned

How to plot stuff. Not much else, tbh

What's next for ChickenOrEggFeatHubble

Total world domination

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