These times are hard for crypto. Market is down, people are desperate so i decided to make funny game to help people relax and have fun, earning crypto and waiting for better times.

What it does

Players can have fun by playing the game, looking for NFTs and doing quests and more. While they are playing, they are learning how to stake, earn and trade NFTs and CHIC tokens.

How I built it

I build a game in Unreal Engine 4.7, some of static mashes , animations and NFTs i created with Blender, draw a bunch of pictures in Krita and put them on IPFS, I created website on WIX (, I connected NFTs on Opensea, Matic Polygon Network Mainnet ( Created ERC20 CHIC token on Polygon Mainnet, using Remix, Connected buying NFTs, tickets from Game to Blockchain, For first players i created Avtomation NFTs with Chainlink ,

Challenges I ran into

I want to do Chainlink contract for Rarity NFT and still can't figure it out why @openzeppelin not found, but i did imported it. I spend 2 weeks to figure out that IPFS files need to be PINED to show files on URL. New version Blender 3,0 had some errors, that i have to figure it out. In the game Night scene didn't want to show, so i have to create other functions. I had some problems as women in tech. People still can't stop stigmatizing and get, that we women can be as good as men.

Accomplishments that i am proud of

I am so proud that i finish the game and connect it with the blockchain. I did 3D MENU Create 980.000 of CHIC tokens on Polygon, That i can make players happy, while playing the game.

What I learned

Where to ask for help. Where to get documentation for project. It was my first time, that i used IPFS.

What's next for ChickenHunt 3D: Wild West Edition

First I will do Metawerse. Lot of new levels. Players will be able to put their own NFTs- theme chickens. New funny animations of Chickens, sounds and effects. Teaching new players how to use tokens, trade, buy and stake them. Letting players decide via vote, how the game will go on.

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