Do you want to let the streamer know your love? Do you want to let the viewer know your love? Twitch's Chicken Dinner Drop Bot is the ultimate solution built in with twitch extension to enable this communication.

What it does

We enable the twitch streamer to drop a loot box to his viewers, the twitch streamer could easily drop his steam items using simple interaction with our chat bot and steam bot. And all his viewers could participate in this dropping event on their side.


Streamer sends command !raffle,"item number","time delay" where "item number" is replaced by number corresponding to item's number in bot's inventory and "time delay" is replaced by number (in seconds) for how long the raffle is open to viewers.

e.g. !raffle,20,60 : drop your 20th item on steam inventory, viewers has 60 seconds to participate.

Item will pop up on stream for viewers and they are allowed to click it, entering them into the raffle.

When time runs out, viewers will see winners name pop up on screen and a trade bot will send them a trade request with the item.

How we built it

The technology we used:

Node.JS Express.JS Three.JS (The Fireworks are REAL 3D on the browser) AmazonEC2 Twitch Extension API Twitch Chat Bot API Steam API

Challenges we ran into

STEAM GUARD!!!!! (trade offers are hardcoded/implied since steam guard restricts trades from accounts with new logins for 7 days =.=

AWS Deployment.

Boilorplate and Twitch Extension API.

Alexa doesn't like us

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got it to work! (and animations are pretty cool)

What we learned

a lot

What's next for ChickenDinnerDropBot

Alexa integration (Streamer: Hey, Alexa, loot my orange Five Seven to my viewers, Alexa: Sure, looting your entire inventory!) and more streamer friendly UI! and steam trading bot.

Git Repository

Chat Bot Repository

Extension Server and Frontend overlay

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