In high school, a curious young man named Chris Gong wondered about the process of spinning a chicken leg on his phone. One day, a mobile named Chicken Spin was born, fulfilling Chris' curiosity.

What it does

But today, we've made a sequel to the legendary game, implementing first-person shooter mechanics with the joys of spinning chickens.

Bailey - Its a simple FPS for mobile where people shoot chickens that spin at JIMMY NEUTRONS(placeholder) for 60 seconds. The player can control his movement forwards and backwards and his left right camera movements with several buttons. The chickens will fly out from the direction the player is facing and bounce around objects until they despawn or hit a Neutron.

How we built it

With Unity in C# and Blender to make most of the object models. Bailey - We first made the models from scratch and the game scene. We then created a player and a camera that followed him. Then we made a gui for controlling his movements. we then figured out hot to make static chickens appear in front of him where the gun would be(the gun is nothing more than a monkey face attached to a cyllinder mesh). Next, we had the chickens become rigidbodies with physics as well as decay so we didn't flood the scene with chicken clones. Then we made the "arena" and start and game over screens.

Challenges we ran into

Mostly the lack of time, we should have started earlier for we could have gotten more done if he had done so. Also our unfamiliarity with Unity and C# meant a lot of time looking up errors that ended up being pretty simple.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a game that did not crash upon startup.

What we learned

We learned that we definitely need to do this again. Its sometimes easier to make a chicken mesh from scratch than try to fix one. We gained a lot of useful experience with C# and Unity that would definitely streamline the process of making this and let us make a more fully fleshed out program

What's next for Chicken Spin 2

Multiplayer and leaderboards.

Bailey - Better controls for the camera and better implementing the gun mechanics. We would definitely also add an actual arena and something to replace the Jimmy Neutrons and gun models. Also a new thumbnail, the next Chicken Spin will definitely not have Lubu aggressively chugging Pepsi with a chicken in front of him as its thumbnail. We also need to make things more efficient and take less space a lot of our algorithms could be improved heavily.

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