Let players have a great time and funny moments. We know, that this event make our work faster and more motivated.

What it does

  1. Players can play the game, get dNFT and enter a special room.
  2. Investors can STAKE CHIC tokens.
  3. Players will get Dynamic NFT. After a few weeks, they can get a special Chicken or a rotten egg.
  4. Bot Discord is checking if you have an NFT.
  5. In the game players can read data from the blockchain.
  6. Mint the dNFT on App

How we built it

We build a Chicken Hunt 3D game on Unreal Engine ver. 4.7. In the first level, you have to catch 100 chickens in 10 minutes. Click your Reward and come to Discord to get it. ( ) When you get dNFT, you have to figure out what you get. For this event, it will take a few days. We are using the Chainlink Automation protocol. Players will also get some ERC 20 CHIC tokens free because only those with at least 1 CHIC token, players can mint the dNFT. CHIC BOT will check if you have dNFT, then you can enter a special room. How we managed CHIC BOT you can see on the GitHub. We create app for STAKE CHIC tokens with Solidity, Hardhat and publish on Vercel. ( ) On this app we create field that you can MINT dNFT.

Challenges we ran into

  • malicius network errors (on Polygon),
  • Ally went sick when had to bake rotten egg,
  • hard time to connect all our works,
  • the game is too big to sent, so we send only demo version,
  • when deploying app, text become black-

Accomplishments that we're proud of are, that we find a great team crew.

What we learned

How hard is deploy the game if it was made with blueprints in Unreal Engine. Ally need to buy a new PC with 3070 Grafic card, that can bake more quality animations on Blender. We learned how to do app for stake, using smart contracts.

What's next for Chicken Hunt 3D

Polish and finish the whole game. Create more dNFT for tournaments and Multiplayer. Create new Avatars. Portal will teleport players to other game with same NFTs. Marketplace. New functions for BOT.

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