Basically Skyscanner api and initially, concepts such as machine learning and neural network models, discarded later.

What it does

Predicts and show flight prices in a beautiful way... :D It shows the current price for a flight, and then forecasts the prices of this same flight for the next days, maybe if you wait some time you can save some money.

How we built it

With the help of some chickens, we have used the Skycanner api for getting the cheapest flight prices and link to book it, a polynomial regression algorithm built with Python, and Google Maps for showing some popular flights. Some data have been harvested from OpenFlights Airports Database

Challenges we ran into

Lack of historical data for training a decent model. Use of Skyscanner api.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We got a prototype of our idea in 36h.
  • Teamwork

What we learned

Skyscanner api and some useful ui libraries while working as a team

What's next for Chicken Flights

Build a realistic model with Tensorflow and a large historial dataset, for predicting the day for buy the cheapest flight.

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