We thought about Slim Chickens because we were eating it and decided to have our project name inspired by it, so we came up with Chicken Clinic! (the idea was decided due to the different technologies we were working with)

What it does

Designed for the patient to access their medical information. By then, they will know their medical profile.

How we built it

Login page The login is simple, the app gather customers Login info and Password. We compare it to our database on Firebase and output information from our database to have our patient profile available. before you log in, you have to sign up to create an account in the database.

Sign up If patient doesn’t have an account registered with us already, no worries. Patients can enter their information have it registered in our own system. After patient register from our app, it will redirect them back to login page so they can start login with the new account.

Firebase data Our firebase will have different users registered with different IDs and can authenticate access from our application.

HTML Parsing Data for drugs and prescriptions, we used jsoup library to parse through HTML files to get the data from our sources.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully created an working android application with frontend decorated UI and backend authenticate login info and HTML parsing to get our drugs information.

What we learned

Our team has a hard time coming up with the idea for our hackathon this year.

It was a fun learning experience, we have 2 first-time hackers Nam and Josh. They did not have a lot of experience in coding in Java and this is their first time challenge themself to learn a new coding language.

What's next for Chicken Clinic

The application can be improve with more features. For example: Support System, Live Chat with Healthcare professional, Appointment Scheduler.

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