A big problem is people buying clothes, wearing it for a month, and then getting sick of it -- esp. With “trendier”, lower-quality items, which contributes to the rise of fast fashion. I have friends that end up buying boatload of the latest fashion trends and sadly being part of the broblem of

What it does

Have an app that facilitates peer-to-peer clothing sharing - people swap a couple items of clothing and try out new clothes without having to buy something new and then ending up throwing it away soon after. There is a community aspect to the app where people can make friends and chat with others while reducing clothing waste.

How we built it

Using Figma and a lot of deliberations. We went through each aspect of the business model and visualized how the app was gonna be until we finally made it.

Challenges we ran into

How should it be designed? Who are we targeting? Is this easy to use and understand?

We were thinking about the target users and the user experience in the app. We deliberate often before we came up with a clearer plan.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having the idea fleshed out!

What we learned

That figma is pretty cool and we can do a lot with it!

What's next for ChicBook

Getting the code in with figma. And getting active users!

Built With

  • figma
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