A marketplace for Chia coins backed by IPFS.

Chiaspace is an app that converts coins built on Chia to be purchasable and tradeable as NFTs.

Built for the Build on Chia hackathon. Going after the 'Improved NFT' category.

Note this project is currently for demo purposes only and requires logic to connect to Chia mainnet via RPC to be production-ready.



Platforms such as Opensea exist for NFT discovery on Ethereum-based platforms; this project can serve as an open-source base for Chia NFTs.

The end goal would be to host this project and accept user uploads with payable addresses and shareable links.

  • Increase adoption of non-Ethereum based NFTs.
  • Leverage Chia's representation of NFTs as coins to reduce friction in transferring and issuing new NFTs.
  • Use low gas fees and underlying Chia protocol to increase coin-based NFT adoption.

How it works

  • Converts a chia coin into a tradeable NFT by attaching hosted image files. Stores entries for Chiaspace in a centralized DB for the marketplace (distributed storage could be another option).
  • Attaches pngs to Chia coin addresses/puzzle hashes using IPFS.
  • Enable searching through existing coins based on name rather than puzzle hash.
  • Underlying coins would still be instrumented/deployed via ChiaLisp.


  • Running chia node locally for RPC calls (would be helpful to have hosted test URLs similarly to Infura).
  • Integrating Chia wallet (in future work) - Currently, the application would need a key to issue RPC calls directly.

Future work

  • Integrated wallet for sale/listing of Chia coin NFT entries (ideally similar to Metamask).
  • Wallet would need to recognize several different coin types natively.
  • Integration with dedicated Chia node for RPC calls around transfer (via NodeJS chia-agent).
  • Needs dedicated/hosted storage for searchable listings.
  • Website hosting and marketing.

While not a ChiaLisp implementation, I hope this prototype qualifies for hackathon purposes around improving NFT! Alternatively, this project is used as a free, open-source reference/idea base for other implementations.

See Github for more information.

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