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What is Chia Land?

Chia Land is a gamified village where you can farm and harvest Chia by finding new blocks and completing plots. Inspired from simulation games like Farm Ville and The Sims, Chia Land is a virtual farm where you can simulate the process of finding new blocks and completing plots in an immersive way. Apart from farming Chia, we also insist eco-friendly practices which encourage conservation of electricity - which is one of the core visions of Chia network. With Chia Land, anyone with or without knowledge about crypto can earn Chia by farming on an intuitive interface. Chia Land is also integrated with third party platforms like Discord, Slack and Email for providing notifications.

Business Model

Chia Land is technically and commercially viable with defined value proposition and revenue streams. The core value proposition is that it simplifies the process of finding new blocks and completing plots to get Chia by making it interactive and gamified. We also propose multiple subscription plans for using Chia Land. Users can use Chia Land with a free subscription but once their earnings reach a limit, they will have to upgrade their subscription to a paid plan. The product totally relies on Chia network.

Technical specifications

Front end - ReactJS and Material UI. Backend - Flask Rest API, NodeJS and ExpressJS. Prototyping - Figma.

What's next for Chia Land

We have a detailed time line :

  • Hiring core developers and freelancers ~ 3 weeks
  • Completing the development of MVP ~ 8 weeks
  • Getting feedback and inputs from Chia eco system ~ 2 weeks
  • Crowdsourcing the development process through a hackathon and a bounty ~ 4 weeks ~ Launching the beta version of Chia Land and providing maintenance

The beta version of Chia Land is expected to be launched by 4-6 months after rigorous research and development processes. The core team of developers will be expanded parallelly by the next couple of weeks if we are able to raise funds. Chia Land is also hoping to conduct hackathons and bounties with the raised funds in order to streamline and make the development process faster.

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