What is Chia Bot?

Chia Bot is a discord bot which can perform various functionalities that involve Chia network right from your Discord community. Chia bot can perform the following :

  • Link Chia wallet along with your Discord username.
  • Send alert notifications when a user receives Chia tokens.
  • Compile and run Chialisp commands inside your Discord channels.
  • Display the amount of Chia tokens with a user and allocate roles based on the number of China tokens owned (this can be used for governance purposes within the community).
  • Earn block rewards as $XCH through the integration with XCH Faucet
  • Notify when new blocks are found in your farm.

Value proposition, business model and uses

Chia Bot adds great value to all the Chia communities in Discord. It also has a great promotional value to Chia network as the bot would help users perform various tasks related to Chia right from their discord. The revenue stream for Chia Bot would be through donations. The donated tokens would be automatically distributed through XCH Faucet where users can claim daily rewards and other rewarding tasks.

How does it work?

  • Adding bot to the server: You can add the bot to the guild by allowing the required permissions. More information about setting up the bot can be found on our GitHub repository.
  • Linking Chia wallet : Each user can add/remove/update the wallet linked to their account by using !addwallet <wallet_address>, !removewallet <wallet_address> and!changewallet ` commands respectively.
  • Customizing notifications and alerts: You can enable/disable notifications when Chia tokens are added to your address by using the !enablenotifications and !disablenotifications commands respectively.
  • Display wallet details of a user: Use !walletinfo @username to fetch the wallet details of a user along with a link to the block explorer.
  • Automatically giving roles to users based on their Chia tokens: This can be used for governance. The bot can be customized to give roles to users with over a limit of Chia tokens. Currently, any user with 1 XCH will be given the Chia HODLer role.
  • Running Chialisp commands in Discord: The bot also provides a sandbox inside your Discord. You can simply try running Chialisp commands by using !chialisp <your_command_here>.
  • Earning daily rewards from XCH Faucet: You can try claiming daily rewards as XCH from XCH tokens using the command !claimxch.

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