The project came to inception during HackTrain 5.0, with the aim of creating a product which tackles customer service and user experience in the rail industry. Inspired by the DFT (Department For Transport) challenge of high rate of user failures and the lack accessibility for disabled users when purchasing at ticketing machines. This is something that we've all experienced. Tom Ankcorn came up with a novel solution to improve the ticket machine purchasing experience without the use of additional hardware with the aim of reducing the number of steps to purchase a ticket.

What it does

By using the common solution of QR codes we're able to quickly identify which ticket machine a user is trying to use and therefore load the users preferences directly to the ticket machine itself - including: accessibility details, favourite destinations and railcards. This allows us to customise the ticket machine user experience. This reduces the ticket purchasing ticket from 9 to 4 and thus making the user experience much more enjoyable for the ticket staff and the customer.

How we built it

We built Shortcut with usability in mind. Heidi our designer used her experience to create a design that is both familiar to existing users but also strips away the annoying parts of purchasing a ticket.

The technical solution designed by Kevin is elegant and keeps in mind security and data privacy by only transmitting non-sensitive data across the internet (i.e. userId).


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