Originally intended to be a quick way to send a message to someone, but evolved into the solution to your fears of calling.

What it does

Ringman does the calling and the texting for you when you're too nervous to pick up the phone

How I built it

Nexmo API running on node.js server.

Client side retrieves phone number and message, node.js server makes nexmo API call to perform the action and return the results to the client.

Challenges I ran into

Phone service was very low in the building, so at times I wasn't sure if it was my code not working or just the call not going through.

Getting feedback to the client about the status of their request.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Really easy to use and fun to look at

What I learned

How to set up node.js server and how to use nexmo API

What's next for Ringman

Deployment using AWS and a domain host

Built With

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