To beat Professor Gentimis at a game of chess, who is a god

What it does

Computer Vision aided chess so that you can bring online chess games to the real world

How I built it

Tears, lots of them. Also wood and nails and some programming

Challenges I ran into

We had to find a unique way to identify the board. The unique trackers that we used were not very accurate and hard to read so we had to change the markers more than 6 times. Eventually, we found one that worked very well, however that tracker was very sensitive to light, so we used LEDs to get rid of these dark spots and reflection shadows.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

No one accidentally died during the build

What I learned

How to use and open CV and to live off of minimum amounts of sleep while still working

What's next for ChessVision

Add a robotic arm that moves the pieces for the AI. The computer will also give tips and hints to the users.

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