The teammates were interested in learning more with Unity and c#, making a game a perfect project to work with during PantherHack. Board Games seemed to be a fun and doable project within the 24 hour time period as well, which led to Chessorropoly, a combination of aspects of Chess, Sorry, and Monopoly.

What it does

The game is built like a board game one would play as a kid. The player rolls two dice, which determines the amount of squares they would move on the board. The square they land will determine certain actions the player would take next.

How we built it

The project used Unity, utilizing the c# language, to compose a game.

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges that the group faced was only one person, Max, knew how to use the language and engine used to develop the game’s code. Another person was working on a Chromebook, Sabrina, so they weren’t able to help with certain aspects of the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the game to run and creating a good design for it.

What we learned

Each person took something away from this event. For those who weren’t knowledgeable in c# were able to better their skill in said areas, expanding their knowledge in a different language. Some people learned of more 3D design websites and programs to use as well.

What's next for Chessorropoly

In the future the game could have features added to it to make it more engaging for the player. For example more could be added to each individual square to activate certain features.

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