Finding a job is hard, and even harder for those who have previously been incarcerated.

With efforts like #BanTheBox, organizations are taking initiatives to remove the requirement of background checks from the job application process. These background checks are (largely) only used for weeding out individuals based off of their involvement in what could have been an accident, lapse in judgment, or product of extenuating circumstances.

As a society, we ascribe labels to those who've been incarcerated, labeling them as "thugs", or "felons", or "convicts". These labels discourage and disable these people from providing for their families by legal means, and is likely a confounding factor in the issue of recidivism. My team hopes to alter their image by adding a new component to the application process, allowing potential employers to see the most important parts of anyone you may hire: their ethic, character, and personality.

Chess does this by curating reviews and referrals from your friends, family, mentors, managers, peers, coworkers, and more. Each job-seeking user would be able to, ideally, apply for any job out there with this addendum with their application. We figured with as much trouble comes with background checkers, and how often these checkers don't tell the full story, it was time to switch up the game in a more smart and sophisticated manager.

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