We wanted to make something simple, but fun to play. Each of us suggested multiple ideas, but we all agreed that making a version of chess would be the best.

What it does

Well Chess, but Actually No is a two player version of chess you can play online with friends. However, it has the added twist of being able to add various rules to the gameplay.

How we built it

We each already had an idea of our individual role in the project and what we needed to accomplish going into this. We each set out on our own paths to contribute and met up for progress checks once in a while. We used the Unity game engine and C# to make the main part of the game, Figma to make the sprites for the pieces and UI, Musescore for the music, and google drive as an organizing space.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into were getting the network to behave and some bugs when implementing the rules. A major challenge was the fact that for most of us, this was our first time making a full game in a constrained time or even a game at all. Another challenge we ran into were unexpected requirements like the video demo. We had to quickly throw a script and presentation together within the timeframe.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We mostly finished before schedule and we managed to create a pretty fun game. We are also proud of being able to think of solutions for problems and fix them on the fly.

What we learned

We learned many skills in collaborating on a project like this. We learned how to work with pressure from time and stay organized as well as art and game design skills.

What's next for chess

We plan to keep adding more rules and content to chess. We have a lot planned and updates should be popping up every so often.

Current bugs

visual changes: visual changes don't stack that well right now

board size: the board size displays incorrectly sometimes

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posted an update

Update: I just took the time to carefully listen to Yiunfan's original compositions in Well Chess But Actually No, and... wow. The mood of the piano perfectly complements the game. Incredible.

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