We really wanted to do something that had a lot of parts and could be split up among 4 people.

What it does

You can play chess

How I built it

Don't you mean how WE built it? This was a large project for us and we're proud of our work!

Challenges I ran into

Learning how to use GUIs in general. It was tricky because we found out what lambda, anonymous objects, Git, and HashMaps are!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We had to learn how to use git. We knew a little bit about it, but really had no idea what a control system is. So the first 3 hours of our hack-a-thon were dedicated to setting up a group repo. We learned that you have to "git pull" before you "git push". It was funny dealing with something as bizarre as a "detached head" and "merge conflicts".

Our back end logics works great and can manipulate any of the data

What I learned

lot of JavaFX

What's next for Chess from Scratch by Newbies! ;)

Make it work in the coming week!

Built With

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