Our inspiration was the trash and pollution in the Chesapeake Bay and we wanted to inform people about it.

What it does

The website tells you what the Chesapeake Bay Watershed is and a there is a short game that encourages you to take the trash out and not take the fish out.

How I built it

One of our team member made the website using HTML, while the other made the game in the Sprite Lab in

Challenges I ran into

Our game in the encountered a never-ending loop, which caused the page to not load in any of the devices. We had to improvise and use our older version and add to that in less than an hour.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we were able to give something and we could improvise the the game problem and still present something.

What I learned

We learned about quick thinking and improvising. We also learned about Website Development and JavaScript.

What's next for Chesapeake Bay Watershed Website

We hope that more people will see it and be informed of trash pollution.

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