We love taking photos during our free time and we are curious how filters are being made and applied on photos

What it does

Users can upload their photos and apply our custom-made filters. Users will be able to preview the photo with the applied filter.

How I built it

This web application is made using React for frontend, Node.js for backend

Challenges I ran into

Fetching the photo with the applied filter from backend and showing it at frontend Trial and test for a good filter effect when making manipulating pixels

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Self-made pixel manipulation technology Linking of frontend and backend

What I learned

Applying of Node.js HTML requests as backend to receive uploaded photos and apply logic to them Use of React to create a simple web application and CSS styling to beautify the web application

What's next for CherryFoto

Exploring more ways of pixel manipulation to achieve good filter effect User-account creation

Built With

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