Cherry Picks

We were inspired to create this app by the growing popularity of the dating app, "Tinder," which makes it simple to approve of or reject potential partners with a mere swipe to the left or right. We wanted to make it just as easy for an online shopper to quickly but thoroughly review products and find the optimal option.

We used the Best Buy API from Mashery in order to access their product descriptions and prices. We structured our app to juxtapose a pair of models/brands of the item of interest next to one another. The user was prompted to select the product that he preferred. The inferior product was eliminated from future comparisons. Then, after the last two remaining products were compared, the user was presented with the top five products that he selected.

Moreover, to enhance the shopping experience, we provide the user with an up-to-date "top picks list," compiled from others' preferences in that category or subcategory. In both lists, we include the price of the product and a link to the original Best Buy listing.

Conceivably, with a large user base, this application could make the shopping experience much smoother and more efficient for internet shoppers. Moreover, business owners and franchises could benefit from tracking trends in products over time.

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