One of our team members had big concerns about the current state of food waste in the United States and decided to take a step towards distributing this resources to the people who most need it. Her goal was to not only make this process easier but through the help of other people help the environment.

What it does

The application connects people who have food to people who do not have food. This is done by creating pick up places where volunteers can get the food and drop it in areas that are needed (i.e Food Banks, Homeless Shelters, etc.). Our application creates an incentive to do this by providing food donors with tax return and volunteers with gas money or other prizes (Amazon Gift Cards, Tax Return, Volunteer Hours, etc.).

How I built it

The team built the application by using Javascript and Ionic framework. Likewise, there were part of the back end made in Java with a tentative data structure and TCP protocol handling.

Challenges I ran into

The team ran into a lot of challenges. One of the primary problems was the compatibility with different scripts. Our team had to sow together all the sponsors into a harmonious application. This was especially true for our front end developers. Our back-end also had a lot of trouble as our different resources were made in different programming languages.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of our backend infrastructure and our front end applications. But all of us are proud of all the effort we went through for this movement.

What I learned

Passion is key in this type of project but we also need a lot of energy to keep the team up and accountable at each step of the process

What's next for CherFood

We are planning on making CherFood a startup company and we want to continue the development of the application until it reaches mature stage where it can be used on the market. We are hoping to be out in the market by this winter so we will be looking for a sponsorship to start up our company.

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