Daily Cheqin


Encourage more self reflection, promote the expression of emotions and monitor mental wellbeing over time.


Daily Cheqin is an action for the Google Assistant that where the user can tell the service about their day (daily journal) and how they felt (one word summary). The transcribed journal entry is stored and analyzed by a sentiment analysis algorithm to predict the user’s emotions using their journal entry. The user’s one word summary is used to further refine the ML algorithm’s capability at detecting the magnitude of emotions from words. The daily journal is shown to the user in an app (life logging journal) as well as any trends (5 days of generally good days), so the user can observe what they are doing that keeps them motivated and in good health.


This project consists of four modules:

  • app
    • This is the front end application allowing for users to view their past week of emotions and journal entries.
  • api
    • This is a cloud deployed api performing CRUD operations between the input/output components and the Firestore database.
  • jovo
    • This is the interface with the Google Assistant api. The app has a pleasant conversation with the user to obtain their voice input.
  • ml
    • This is the indico machine learning interface which analyzes the user-generated text and returns the evaluated emotion weights of the text.

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