We were inspired by our friend Annie who is an amazing organizer and helped us plan out some of our best summer adventures (bless her heart). This one's for you Annie!!

What it does

Tell ChennieBot what you want to do and where and she will give you a highly curated (?) list of things you might like!

How we built it

Hacking on that AWS Lambda and leveraging Facebook's awesome NLP-as-a-service

Challenges we ran into

Hacking around serverless shortcomings as a new technology. Scoping down our project while trying to maintain a good user experience (as we ran into more and more bugs)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's working!! (kind of)

What we learned

format your code if you are going to be staring at it for more than 15 minutes

What's next for ChennieBot

We want to be able to plan a whole trip with ChennieBot, complete with a personalized itinerary for each trip planned, along with budgeting and useful details such as travel times.

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