Imagine this

Your favorite chemistry professor is teaching a lecture over bond angles and mechanisms for bond formations. After scribbling down an alkene stretching the entirety of the board, he asks you to rotate one of the bonds in your head. Between your imagination, a plastic model kit, and ChemVR, the optimal choice is obvious.

How it works

ChemVR is an android application designed to be paired with google cardboard and a computer for the lecturer. ChemVR allows students to zoom into the world of chemistry by displaying 3D models of molecules. Bond rotations and formations are a piece of cake when viewed in 3D space. Teachers control the images that the students see while students can tilt their head to better understand the chemistry.

Give me the details

Modeling the bonds was done in Unity. Animations were similarly done in Unity. The server was setup in Node,express,and Heroku host our UI for the computer side.

Coming up next

As we move toward the future, ChemVR looks to push out more molecules and more mechanisms so that it can be a beneficial tool even for advanced classes such as Organic Chemistry.

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