With augmented reality on the rise, we wanted to create a new and innovative software solution that enables students to learn in a safer way. Our ultimate goal is to empower every child in every classroom to do more through the tools we may offer them.


On the website, a teacher has an account provided by Active Directory through their school system where they create science classrooms and add students. They then create lesson plans from premade experiments (for our demonstration we focused on the popular Elephant Toothpaste reaction) and assign them to students. Through the Augmented Reality application, the student is intended to log in and see their new assignment along with required (virtual) materials they need to conduct their reactions. Also included are step by step instructions followed by an end-of-experiment quiz provided by their educator.

Development Process

To preview future web development, prototypes on Adobe XD were created for reference. Web Development was started and nearly completed in functionality besides an intended Machine Learning algorithm (in addition to other miscellaneous futures). The mobile application was built in Unity, and the website was built Windows Azure services.


Beyond exhaustion and Unity hiccups, our process went relatively smoothly for the time period granted to us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully developed a functioning AR space with object placement and plane detection, a functioning website, authentication system, user management system, and a class management systems. We created application branding as well as a more user friendly look and appeal. The fluid simulation in augmented reality also bears a resemblance to elephant toothpaste!

Take Aways

Team work is very important as well as dividing work up amongst teammates.

What's next for ChemPal

We made this more friendly towards middle/high school students with simple experiments, but ultimately we would like to launch this towards higher education after more research to see how more complex reactions are done. We would like something to be a safer replacement towards physical experiments with instant reactions. Ultimately, we will be using a cloud API to implement machine learning through Microsoft Azure to assist teachers in optimizing their lesson plans. Data will be collected about how the experiments are conducted and where the students' faults are. This data will be sent to the teacher in an easy to read format.

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