We aim to help schools that might not be able to afford expensive project-based learning kits by offering cheap, reusable, yet still interactive and engaging digital solutions. These augmented reality lesson plans teach the same standard-aligned curriculum as conventional, physical kits, but at a fraction of the cost and with infinite reusability.

What it does

ChemisTRY allows teachers and students to engage with Amazon Alexa in a digital chemistry sandbox, learning about exothermic reactions and radioactivity in a 3D digital space in the comfort of their classroom.

How we built it

The app is built on with AR.JS on a Node.JS back-end that ties to a suite of AWS solutions, including the AWS SDK, the Lambda serverless computing platform, a NoSQL DynamoDB, and the Alexa Developer Console.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting AWS to our back-end proved to be a challenge, as we had to maintain a secure, private connection between Alexa and our classroom's webcam.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are excited to demo our proof of concept for a learning environment that has the potential to reshape how we design educational environments, moving away from stale, two-dimensional YouTube videos towards tangible augmented reality spaces.

What we learned

We learned the complexities of tying together numerous AWS functionalities into a cohesive web application.

What's next for ChemisTRY

We'd love to see middle schoolers try out our application and see just how engrossed they are (all while being tricked into learning)!

Try it out for yourself! Clone our GitHub repository ( ):

git clone
cd chemistry/server
yarn install && yarn dev

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