The buzz in the ear during an afternoon nap, the stings on the legs during a Sunday hike and the odd one that goes in your mouth while playing cricket, Mosquitoes are annoying and that is an inspiration to fight against. However, the primary inspiration is the mosquito transmitted pathogens that kill people around the world every year. There are 19 such fatal pathogens known.

Chemical olfaction uses cheap volatile chemicals (components of human sweat) to attract mosquitoes. Once concentrated in a region there are various ways to eliminate.

I have not built it yet.However, building it is mere mixing of a few cheap chemicals.

The primary challenge is that these chemicals need to be volatile and hence need to be replenished. The task will be to optimise the chemical compositions and associated costs.

I am proud only of my will to solve problems.

I learned that killing mosquitoes is as essential as it is tough, but there are smart ways o9f doing it.

Execution of the idea. To optimise the chemicals.

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