ChemBot - A Slack Bot Chemistry Assistant


In a scientific environment, is important to have references about the chemical compounds and their properties. Various vendors offer specific solutions and catalogs to consult this information.

ChemBot uses Slack to provide a user-friendly interface to interact with chemical compound information. The bot connects to PubChem's public services, hosted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (PubChem mission). Using ChemBot, developers and scientists can get information and export results as files to be used in third party applications.

The slack users can retrieve compounds with standard compound identifier types like CID, SID, SMILES, Chemical Name, Synonyms. It is possible for the user to get the full chemical structure in Slack. The user can get an SDF file with the raw structure data and the chemical properties. SDF files can be analyzed in third party applications. Also, the user can get a ChemBot “Flash Card” for each compound. A card is returned with one command and it contains a collection of properties, chemical structure, SDF file and reference to the PubChem site. The out of the box features in Slack give the users a powerful tool to share results quickly, visualize them and follow the progress on the work related to each result.

It is important to mention that some problems were found when working with Chemistry data in Slack/AWS Lex. Although, there are numerous opportunities for smart bot applications in Pharmacy and Biotechnology

For instructions on how to use ChemBot and all the available features, please review the GitHub repository.

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