Some of our team members have been in online discord classes before. We noticed that, for teachers, Discord can be a bit complicated to learn with all those text channels, vocal channels, permissions, roles, etc. We think Discord could be a very good platform for online classes plus it's free! So, how about a bot that manages a class for the teacher?


Our goal is to centralize everything in one platform because online classes, most of the time, are split onto multiple platforms for assignments, classes, etc. Also, we want to add some security features to prevent student to cause chaos in the server

What it does

Right from the creation of the server, Chelper guides teachers through the configuration, there is almost no actions needed from the teacher. Here's what we implemented

  • When students will join the Discord, it will ask them for their student ID to verify them, rename them to their real name and assign them the right role to give them permissions to what they need. This way, no more Discord raid!
  • Teachers can give assignments with a due date and students will be able to submit their hard work directly to the bot, in his direct messages which will redirect it only to the teacher.
  • Teachers are able to start online class at any moment, which opens the voice channel for the students to join

How we built it

We built it using and we developped inside a poetry virtual environment. We also implemented a database connection, but we did not link it to the application due to lack of time. Also, to make it easier for our user, we made a beautiful pdf documentation

Challenges we ran into

Message reaction events took a lot of time to put into place

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For the whole team, it is our first Discord bot and we think it's a pretty good start

What's next for Chelper

There's a lot of online class problems that we thought of, but in 24h we had to select the major ones. In the future, we could implement chat restrictions, moderation tools, ban chat words, anonymous questions.


All art work credits goes to Gael Abudarham

  • Instagram : @roundworkimage

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